Private Practices


Nagi works at the different London clinics and can be contacted through  either main switchboard

Bupa cromwell hopsital- 02074602000- ask for appointment

Portland Hopsital/ Harley street hospital via HCA connect :02070794344

Great Ormond Stree Hospital: 02074059200- ask for International private patient centre


Or via secretary: 07791177057 and fax 02089746019


fees for consultation:

I have partnership with BUPA -Edi, BUPA Global and other branches, WPA, Cigna- all- World Allianze, AVIVA, Vitality, healix, Axa ppp- all. Also SOS and many others.


Initial consultation:              £250.00 -£300.00 (15-30minutes)

Follow-Up:                           £200-225.00 (15-20 minutes)

In patient care:                    £120.00 per 24hrs

In patient consultation:         for initial and follow up as above

Procedures (Prolong EEG,LB)  £150.00

Vaccination:                         £150,00 one vaccine and £200.00 any

Phone and email consultation: £40.00 < 15 minutes and £60.00 above 15 minutes

Cancellation fees: There may be £50.00 charges if cancellation not done or done after the        appointment.

For all other tests, medications, and other charges are responsibility of the hospital where these all happen.

Any access on the policies, should be paid within 2 weeks of consultation or receiving notice from your insurance

New Clinic

Headache clinic – Starting date 10 January 2018 and then every second wednesday of each month. 

venue: Bupa Cromwell Hospital  

Time: 10-1pm

I do not do home visit

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