The world forgotten Libya and Libyan left struggle to build a successful Nation

The fourth anniversary of 17th Feb. revolution in Libya is approaching. While both Tunisia and Egypt are on the verge of becoming stable countries, Libya is struggling to become a successful and prosperous state as many Libyans dreamt it would when they came out four years ago chanting slogans against Gadhafi: “People want to topple the regime”.

The West and specifically NATO and their allies supported Libya without any concessions and hurried to protect them as per UN resolution 1973. Soon Gadhafi, his supporters, militia and family were defeated and left Libya.  Soon after this, NATO and its allies held up their hands saying, “Libyans are able to sort out their differences and build their country “.

Qatar supported the Islamists to flourish and cause political and military instability in Libya for the last three years. They play a major part by appointing pro Islamist Mr Abdul Rahim Elkeeb as PM and the majority of his cabinet are from the Islamic Brotherhood. He is the most failed PM in all-Libyan history with domination of Islamist in NTC and later on NGC from November 2011-December 2012. There were many opportunities during his period to put Libya on the right track but he failed to do so as he could not make decisions and was controlled by the Islamic brotherhood who were very influenced by the Egyptian government at that time.
UAE supported the liberal group whose leader, Mr Mahmoud Jebril, has no interest in anything except seeing himself on top of everything and he does not want anyone to be better than him. He failed to gain any position and he pushed some of his weakest helpers to prominent positions. All the ministers he nominated are very weak and are all failures like Ali Zidan who was also one of the most failed PM in Libyan history after Abdul Rahim Elkeeb. Now UAE, Egypt and KSA are supporting ex-army man Mr Kalifah Hafter who spent 22 years in USA after he was defeated in Libyan-Teshad war more than 22 years ago. He used to be very loyal to Gaddafi and did not participate much or do anything successfully during the early 9 months of 17th Feb uprising in Libya. He is now saying his militia and others are fighting the Islamists in Benghazi.  He seems to be defeating them but this dignity war will not end or settle for a long time as per Lebanon and Iraq.

USA and EU countries are waiting to see who is victorious on the ground so they can rally behind them. Which is not new to them as they will support who prevailing on the ground.  For over two years, they turned blind eyes on the Islamic brotherhood and other Islamist groups in Libya. They even went further insisting that the Islamic brotherhood are important partners and allies in any political solution in Libya. The Islamic brotherhood failed in Egypt and other countries e.g. Tunisia and Morocco.  Following this, The EU and USA say they do not want to pull the rug under the feet of Islamists in Libya and they still feel they are important allies for them and still want them to be the fourth leg of any table of negotiation in Libya.
The damage in Libya is done and it will take many years to heal the wounds between Libyans. Socially, politically and economically, Libyans themselves, with aid and interference from NATO and their allied countries who toppled Gaddafi, have destroyed the state of Libya. It is not directly but behind the scenes and also not implementing the last UN resolution to stop fighting and announce the list of all terrorists, warlords and others who are hindering any political solution in Libya. There is no doubt that NATO and allies helped Libya to get rid of Gaddafi however, they did not complete the job by helping moderate Libyan to make their state a successful country. Some countries like Qatar, UAE, Sudan and Egypt provided weapons, turning blind eyes on money laundering and weapon smuggling into and out of Libya, which should be stopped. The largest two countries for money laundering from Libya is Malta and Turkey, both never show any economic growth better than the last 2 years.

The killing and torture in Libya now is worse than in the time of Gadhafi. Human right abusers, corruption and stealing the state’s money is even worse, kidnapping and slaughtering people is happening while those who supported the revolution are watching and doing nothing. The UN appointed a very weak person by the name of Mr Tarqe Metery who is holding the stick from the middle and he is always leaning towards the Islamists as he has been instructed.  Unfortunately, after two years, he came out with a plan with approval of Islamists in Libya only and none of the liberals has been consulted. Libyan GNC and political elites refuse his initiative. Mr Bernardino newly appointees by UN who is facing rivalry from different countries including the UK who want the lead and France who want the country to be divided so they can control the south of Libya. While the USA is not interested at all in Libya affair as they cannot see any benefited from Libya as long as Gulf States are the milking cow and faithful allies.
It is too late for NATO and its allies to do anything as Libya has entered civil war status. They should have intervened from the beginning, as Libya has no army or police forces. They have experience with Iraq and Somalia. Militia can never be a successful body in taking any state to become a successful country. They stood far away watching, encouraging, allowing weapons to be smuggled into Libya, they let money be laundered, they forgave the human right abusers and on top of that, they met with everyone who were responsible for all of this and gave them status. They also failed to announce the list of the entire terrorist, killers, thieves, warlords, militia leaders and politicians who are directly responsible for all that is happening in Libya and the countries who supporting them.

More Libyans were killed after 23/10/2011, more kidnapped, more than 250 billion Libyan dinar was wasted, and the majority of it was in hands of militia leaders and warlords in Libya. Everyone knows that Libyans are the main causers of the fall of their country with the help of some NATO countries and other allies especially from Arab world. Any solution to the Libyan civil war and failed state has to be produced and implemented by a third party with the help of Libyan who do not have their hands in the mud yet.  Everyone hurried to support Libya to get rid of Gaddafi but not to get rid of militia, Islamists and warlords who are destroying Libya and want it to be an anarchy state with no prosperous future. Libya remains and those anarchists are mortal.

Dr Nagi Giumma Barakat, Ex-Health minister- NTC,        

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