• Consultant paediatrician / neurology and Consultant Health advisor- New Headache clinic - Starting date 10 January 2018 and then every second wednesday of each month. venue: Bupa Cromwell Hospital Time: 10-1pm

    I am consultant paediatrician with special interest in Neurology and subspecialty in Epilepsy. I can see patients with neurological problems, developmental delay, neuro-disability , neuro-metabolic, headache, fatigue, tics and muscle pains. I can also see children with any general paediatrics problems and i do my clinics in London in 4 different places as below. My role as Health Minister in Libya during the 17 feb Revolution in 2011 and my involvement in substantial healthcare projects before and after the revolution have given me invaluable experience and insight into the healthcare system within Libya. I frequently contributes to online and printed journals on this subject. as well as conferences recently I joined Libyan British Businesss council as health advisory to them and attended there meetings and created a cohort of network expertise in health services in Libya and round Europe and Arab world. I have all wide range of experience in medical education and can offer consultancy on this subject and deliver courses and help planning of educational programs for under and postgraduate training in medical fields.
  • Medical Education & Training- www.indexforpaediatrics.com

    Nagi is a consultant general paediatrician with a special interest in neurology and epilepsy.  He practices at London Portland, Harley street hospital, London Bupa Cromwell and Great Ormond Street Hospitals. During his career, Nagi has written and published several medical training books mostly to assist doctors get through their MRCP exams parts I & II. Currently hosting e-learning website www.indexforpaediatrics.com which contain all his books, materials and courses to help trainees in paediatrics as well as colleagues.

New Clinic Headache clinic - Starting date 10 January 2018 and then every second wednesday of each month.  venue: Bupa Cromwell Hospital   Time: 10-1pm